WELCOME to our new home! Our previous site – TAoPaN stood for The Art of Pregnancy and Newborn – but over the years we have evolved into so much more!

Our members finally have a new home and a new private forum away from social media that they can feel safe in to discuss all things related to photography and the early years. We will be focusing on pregnancy, newborn, children and family. We want to bring our members from around the world into our community and we are so glad to finally have this new online space.

We would love to get you involved!

So please check out the many ways you can be a part of our community and come on in!

There are three types of memberships – Monthly – Annual and Lifetime. If you are a lifetime member, we have already created your account, simple choose forgot password and a new one will be sent. If you are an Annual member we gave everyone access for the year starting in August and then you can choose to renew next year. For the monthly option, you can come check us out and just pay as you go!

Thanks for being a part of us!


Upcoming Events

the GOOD, the BAD, the FUTURE

Date: Dec 19

Time: 8:00AM (PST)


Upcoming Events



Date: DEC 23

Time: 3:30PM (PST)


Upcoming Postcasts

Postcasts are free for members only

  • DEC 18: How to be inspired when you are broke
  • DEC 31: It’s a New Year Now What
  • JAN 8: Specializing – what does that mean
  • JAN 15: Planning for change and growth


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