Are you Marketing? People ask me over and over – how can I market?

When I ask if they are Marketing, they say yes, a little, hardly and sometimes. But Marketing has to be all the time. It’s celebrating all of your successes, big and small.

Do you enter contests? Submit to Publications? When you are chosen do you celebrate? I do!

  • I share the publication

  • I support it by purchasing a copy

  • I frame them

  • I add it to my resume on my site

My clients…

  • See my framed publications on my wall

  • Read my Resume on my website

  • Hear from others my successes

  • Market my work by sharing with others

Do you buy the publications you are in? Do you frame them? WHY or why not!? I DO! It is a part of my history – I frame them and keep the second copy at home.

As someone who publishes a Magazine and promotes Contests for other Photographers, I am amazed at how few share, buy the Magazine they are in, or even celebrate their little successes.

Marketing is how you live and breathe.

It’s showing the world WHO you are – all the time – the little successes and the big ones! It’s putting your work out there and staying consistent. It’s not a quick promotion. It’s not an amazing baby image.

It’s selling and celebrating YOU.

If you aren’t going to do it, who is?

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  1. Christina W 12 months ago

    I’ve never submitted for publication. Scary! But I’m going to suck it up! Ana, other than your magazine, where are some places to start submitting? I have no idea even where to look.

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