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In business since 2013

Tell us who/why you got into Photography

I got into photography professionally after my daughter was born. However, from a very young age I always had a love for photography and capturing moments. I have images from disposable cameras where I set my younger sister on a decorated bed with stuffed animals and did photoshoots.

I always knew I would work for myself one day and when I connected the dots I realized it was my calling and passion. I took a chance on myself, got the education and training I needed and got to work!

You are expecting your second baby now – how do you plan to go back to work and have a schedule with newborn/child?

Yes, I am expecting my second child, another little girl! My due date is 4/27…any day now.

My plan to get back to work is there but with the realization that it will not be easy with two kids. I have sessions scheduled for fall (outdoor family, kids) and some in home newborn sessions. Very light work on weekends when my husband can be with her.  Prior to my maternity leave I had begun the transition to more of a lifestyle feel with the exception of in studio newborn/maternity sessions. I have a love for in studio newborn and a love for capturing honest, raw emotions and moments between family and little ones.

What have you learned the most in the past 2 years of the industry?

This is my favorite question! I have learned to keep my blinders on and do what I truly LOVE. I will refuse to do something if I see everyone else is doing it, despite how cute it may be.  Clients hire me for my style…less is more and that’s what I love doing.

You also realize quickly who is honest and real and who is not. It’s a competitive industry which sometimes breeds jealousy and imitation. I am a very easy going person, I hate drama so I tend to do my own thing.

Lastly, I have learned that I need to take breaks and get in touch with my creative side, sometimes you can go, go, go and feel burnt out and un-inspired.

What do you want to learn more of -what interests you going forward?

I would like to learn more about natural light when it is not consistent. I am very comfortable with studio lighting and the guarantee it provides during a session. I want to focus this year on capturing more dramatic, raw moments in natural light. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and getting more creative.

How do your clients find you – your #1 marketing method that produces results (ie social/newsletter etc)?

I have been fortunate that my clients are either a referral or they find me on social media. I have not had to pay too much for marketing, aside from boosting social media posts. When I first started out 100% of my business was referral. As I grew people found me on social media or google. I began to not know who my clients were or who they knew. It was a good feeling to know that I was recognized just for my work.

I would say being consistent, honest and caring for your clients goes a long way!

What is it important to let people know when starting out?

Find a good mentor! I was lucky to get into photography when the market wasn’t as flooded with workshops and teachers as it is today. I found Ana and I truly love her honesty, passion and talent. She has guided me and inspired me. Find that person for you.

Do your homework! Educate yourself regarding business and photography. Safety is so important please take the time to learn before you “try it”.

Be picky about what you post or show your clients. Give every client your very best. Stay honest and true to what you love photographing. Keep your blinders on and work hard!

What are your hopes and plans for the future?

My hopes and plans are to maintain a photography business…obviously ha!

I am not afraid to change styles and grow my business. Where that leads me I have no idea. I want to always feel passionate about what I am photographing so I put no limitations on my future. I would love to be recognized for my work and my character.  My hope, aside from capturing memories, is to change lives (or a life) one day… not sure how I’ll do that but I will

I want to continue to be a strong woman & teach my girls they can do anything they dream!


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