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    I recently photographed a beautiful Hispanic/Asian newborn girl who had a very difficult delivery.  She was very red, jaundiced, and bruised.  She also had Mongolian spots.  It seemed that as I tried to edit the red, yellow and blue, her skin became progressively lighter.  In other words, I had a difficult time lessening her excessive (temporary) red, yellow and blue and trying to maintain her skin color.  I am posting two images.  One where her face is in a shadow so less editing was required and another where she grew very light.  I was really at a loss on this one.

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     Ana Brandt 

    your second image is spot on – first one a tad light.

    Mongolian spots – always ask the parents if they want to be removed

    For all other just remove the red a tad.

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    Gotcha!  Will do!  Thank you so much!!!

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