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    Hi Ana,

    Do you think it is a good idea to put together a few product packages in additional to the à la carte products?  Here is what I was thinking:

    Collection 1:

    12×12 parent album, 2 grandparent albums, 24×36 or 30×40 canvas (I’m not sure which one to use), all digitals from session, facebook timeline (should this be in a package or just be given for free?)

    Collection 2:

    10×10 album, 25 digitals, 20 x 24 canvas, 1 – 16×20 portrait, 2 – 11×14 portraits, facebook timeline?

    Collection 3:

    Birth announcements, 2 – 11×14 portraits, 4 – 8×10 portraits, 6 – 5×7 portraits, the matching digitals

    How much should these collections cost?  I know this will vary depending on my area but I just would like a general idea to know if I am under charging or over charging for these collections.

    Thank you,


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     Ana Brandt 

    Yes – packages are always great – people love bundles. You should always have ala carte too in case they don’t want a budle.


    The album – how many images are in the album – that depends on cost – where are you printing the album? What is the wholesale cost of the album and how much time will it take?


    I can’t give you package pricing without knowing what you are pricing your individual products.

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      Hi Ana,

      Thank you for your advice, I have provided answers to your questions below.

      The prices below are the wholesale cost which include $11.00 shipping and HST (13%).  I am printing these items at a local professional photo lab called GTA Imaging in Toronto.


      Collection 1

      12×12 parent album – Album with Photo Suede Cover, center core pages (10 spreads / 20 sides): $300.58

      2 – 5×5 grandparent albums – 5×5 (10 spreads / 20 sides – Block Cover album, center core pages): $168.37

      20×24 Canvas (1.5 inch): $154.81

      All Digitals from session

      facebook timeline


      Collection 2

      10×10 album – Album with Photo Suede Cover, center core pages (10 spreds / 20 Sides): $263.86

      16×16 Canvas: $106.22

      1 – 16×20 Portrait (Fine Art Giclee Print): $65.54

      2 – 11×14 Portraits  (Fine Art Giclee Print): $57.63

      25 Digitals

      Facebook Timeline


      Collection 3

      Boutique Birth announcements (25): $54.81

      2 – 11×14 Portraits  (Fine Art Giclee Print): $57.63

      4 – 8×10 portraits (Fine Art Giclee Print): $71.19

      6 – 5×7 portraits (Deep Matt): $23.89

      The matching digitals


      Thank you,


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     Ana Brandt 

    For albums it is ideal to double or even triple.

    For canvases each area has their market rate for canvases- you should check with the local area photographers and what they are charging. Usually, you want to mark up at least 3x from the wholesae price.



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      Thank you Ana!

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