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      Hi Ana, thanks for the Skype chat the other day. It was very informative. My email is if you want to email me the catalog. Dropbox link works too.

      Meanwhile, I wanted to know where to buy the wrap in the attached photo to make it a flower look. I think you mentioned it once in your workshop but I cannot recall where exactly. Is it available in your shop? I did search but didn’t see the wrap just the driftwood tray. I have a newborn girl session coming up in early April and I want to give this a try. I know I told you once I feel quite discouraged with newborn and maternity in general however I recently did an outdoor maternity session, my first real paid one, and they book me for the newborn as well. It is challenging but somehow each time after the session and especially when I deliver the images and see the joy in the clients I feel very rewarding. So I will stick around and see how that path leads me. I realize the best session for me is a combination of studio and lifestyle. Clients seem to love that idea better. Another thing is I realize newborn and maternity are not particularly popular or well known in my local area Chinese community. So I am creating a niche here and people start to know me. The momentum is growing. The issue is many don’t value it and don’t feel like paying for the price I ask for.

      This client found me through Google too. Lately also many contacted me for pricing and they all found me through Googling. It is great. With the new website going live soon and a more presentable pricing catalog I feel very confident it would make a change.



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       Ana Brandt

      Felt – Ababa Baby-

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      Thanks Ana I got the catalogs and I bought the wrap. What is the size of the organza bags that you use to put the props in when go on location? I am trying to organize my inventories. Thanks! Karen

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       Ana Brandt

      I only use about 8×12 for hair accessories. I use large packing bags that suck down for bringing props – does that make sense?

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