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       Ana Brandt

      Do you have a client prep guide? I have a course at in which I went over 50 pages for pregnancy and newborn. I am fine tuning these guides a bit more and printing them. They will be a smaller size along with my product guide and price guide – see photos below. I am working on a client box for those who book my digital pregnancy and newborn plan. The box would include a welcome note, our price guides, our prep guides, chapstick, pen and a little onesie – see photo. It’s not all quite together yet but I am hoping to have complete samples this month. I want when my clients book to feel that they made the investment. I am also thinking for those just booking the session that I will just send the client prep guides – all in snail mail. I know this will keep my work on their mind and provide the ultimate client experience.

      In addition, we are calling all of our clients the day before to remind them of their session and go over clothing/questions.

      Do you do this? Do you call? Email? How do you give service to your client BEFORE the session??


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      I have a prep guide but it’s in email! <:/. I send them right after they book along with a digital copy of their contract. I saw your client prep guides and they are gorgeous. I definitely need to do them printed as well! The thing here is that some of my clients book last minute (I don’t know why), so maybe the mailed guides would be late. But, I love the idea.

      The box for Bump to Baby sounds great! I’m also looking at onesies. Actually, I have the printing place on my calendar written down, waiting for me to tackle that haha.

      Question, what do you include in your price guides?

      A couple of days before the session, I either email them or text them to confirm. I need to up my SERVICE BEFORE the session so they feel pampered…. I have homework!

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       Ana Brandt

      updated to show onesie…

      I will take a video of the printed product guides and upload PDF – its changing…but I will send current.

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      Hi Ana,

      I usually send clients information through email, but I am working on a client prep guide that I will have printed and mailed out before the session instead.  I like your idea of providing a client box for those who book your digital pregnancy and newborn plan.  Would you also give this box to clients booking your non digital pregnancy and newborn plan?  Where did you get your onesie made?

      I also email or text clients to remind them of their session the week before and to answer any questions they may have.  Maybe in the future I may add a snail mail reminder as well so that they have something physical that they can stick on their fridge or somewhere else as a constant reminder of their session.

      Do you think it’s a good idea to include the price guide and the product guide in one printed booklet instead of two separate booklets?

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      i normally do everything via email.  i send them a prep guide when they book and once again a few days before their session.  If it is a newborn I will resend it after mom lets me know when baby was born.  I like sending it twice to make sure they can prepare some before the baby arrives and refresh their minds again after baby comes.  I know having two newborns that your sleep-deprived brain is mush after baby arrives.

      With that said i want to up my game.  I want to provide great service for my clients.  I am struggling with this and how to make my business standout in this saturated market.

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         Ana Brandt

        What is your website? I have heard you say this a few times.

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          my site is

          currently my newborn is lifestyle.  i want to start offering posed.  i have two freebies scheduled for my portfolio but mom one is not due till v-day and mom two is late march.  i did a model call with no success.

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             Ana Brandt

            OK I took a look at your site and your instagram….

            instagram seems mostly personal?

            Do you follow emily lucarz? she is one of our instructors at BBB this May. She does an awesome job at lifestyle newborn. I think you need to refine your lifestyle newborn with amazing wrapping of baby and great posing.

            I also think your site is gorgeous but if you want to focus on lifestyle – your social feeds should be filled with lifestyle newborn (unless you are lifestyle general?)


            If you want to reach a high end market – showing lifestyle in gorgeous nurseries and homes is the ticket. reach out to designers (especially ones who design nurseries) and other high end home decor suppliers to see if they know any clients you could “model call”

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              Thank you Ana!  Yes my IG is mostly personal because I really do not have a steady flow of clients.  I am lucky if I average one a month. I am learning how to get myself out there more.

              I actually want to do offer both mixed and lifestyle.  I am hoping, for now, to do my posed mostly out of my home. I noticed a lot of photogs get a majority of their requests for posed, so I am going to see if it is something I would like to add.  Oh and I LOVE Emily and her style is just gorgeous!  I am anxiously awaiting her to announce her workshops for the year.  I am hoping one will be in driving distance for me.

              I am working on making BBB happen.  I really want to go because my three favorite photogs will be there – Ana, Emily, and Julia K. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

              That is a great idea to reach out to designers.  I never even thought of that.  I need to come up with a plan for it.  I would love to connect with a few and see if they would be interested in partnering with me.

              Thanks again for taking the time and looking at my website and the great ideas!  I really appreciate it.

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      I have client prep sheets that I email for Newborn, Maternity, Family and Headshots. I email these to the client as soon as they book a session. I typically email them a few days before the session. If they don’t respond I call them. Thinking maybe I should be calling instead of emailing the reminder! They almost always ask what to wear so I have put those ideas in the prep guides. I plan to upgrade what I send out with photos and as business picks up I would like to print them. I love the client box idea as well!!

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