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       Ana Brandt

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      I package my things in from the company i order the prints from.  I have a USB drive and case that can have room for photos or not.  I will order it depending on what the client will order.  (I recently just switched over and have yet to really book a client at my new pricing.  makes me nervous that I am too expensive.) I use to let them download their files off Shootproof.  But that was when my pricing was cheap and i needed to keep my expenses down. I do not have stickers and want to give my client a surprise gift when i deliver their purchase. A lot to think about.


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      I made a video showing you how I package my products. I still want to make some changes in my presentation, but I have to wait a little longer for that. For now, this works for me and my clients love it =).

      Here’s the video

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      Hi Ana,

      I have stickers with my logo on it that I will use on my packaging.  I am looking for a tissue paper colour that will match my logo colour to use in gift bags and in boxes.  I also have twine and ribbon to tie around boxes….I have not decided which one of these I will select.  I like your idea of adding a scented item in the package and I will add something like this to my packaging as well.

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      I don’t have anything about the license to reproduce for print!! Can we see what yours says? I do have bags, tissue and logo stickers! I have the Stickers made by WHCC but I get the bags and tissue at Hobby Lobby.

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        I don’t either.  I assumed none of my clients had issues printing their pictures.  🙂

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          Very nice video!

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       Ana Brandt

      Here is mine… we have had issues where clients were asked to see a release.


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        thank you ana!

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      Hi I have clear stickers made with my logo. I have white bags and white tissue but I make sure to tie a beautiful bow in my branding colors on the handle of my bag with grosgrain ribbon.

      My question Ana on the video the white box on our left can you supply is with a link to that product? I went to look for it but wasn’t sure which one are using.

      Thank you

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       Ana Brandt

      Papermart…lift top box..I will search for it.

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