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       Ana Brandt

      Watch the video below.

      What products do you offer?

      Do you have video or gorgeous photos on your website showcasing these products?

      If not your challenge is to either photograph your gorgeous products and/or create a video.

      Add to your website and social media.


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       Ana Brandt

      Resources –

      USB Covers/Custom USBs – WHCC

      Image Boxes – Mckenna Pro

      Mini books – WHCC and MPIX Pro

      Proof Prints – MPIX Pro

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      I do IPS and I do offer many kinds of products. From prints, canvases and frames to metals, wood and jewelry. Last year I started photographing the products my clients ordered, but I didn’t post them on social media. A few months back I did a marketing video of my mini accordion. Here’s the link to watch it:

      Mini Accordion Video

      I like the idea of posting on my website, hadn’t thought about it! But after seeing how clean and crisp your videos are, I feel I want to do them all over again!

      Will post on my website soon


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      Hi Ana,

      I have been working on my product guide and so far the products that I will be offering are prints, canvases, frames, acrylic blocks, standout blocks, albums/coffee table books, mini books, cards and jewelry.  Since I am just getting started I have not received any client orders for products, I’ve only given digitals to my clients. I am going to make some sample products which I will be able photograph and create a video for my website.  I love your videos, they showcase your products beautifully.  I hope to have one like yours one day.

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      oh boy this is hard.  here is my first attempt.  CC welcomed by all!


      my webpage

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         Ana Brandt

        I love it…ok a few nit picky things….


        1 – you should add a logo to your boxes – a sticker. I will be showing packaging and presentation before we end our 7 days to give you an idea.

        2 – tissue – should be wrapped a little better – looks a tiny bit messy

        3 – book great – needs to be centered  – so you need to slide book to one side when opening

        4 – overall its a great first video!!! and this is what helps sell!

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      I have a question regarding video, but it might be directed to Alex, is it possible?

      I would like to know how do you add your watermark to the entire video?

      Thanks! =)

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         Ana Brandt

        What program are you using? If its Animoto you can type it on.

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          Yes, Animoto.

          I promised I searched all over their website on how to do this and I couldn’t find it! I even found a forum where people asked for this and Animoto said they still didn’t have that feature. Is it possible in both Memories and Marketing? I’ll search again but if you have any guidance on the steps to follow, I’ll really appreciate it!

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       Ana Brandt

      ok so if you can’t do it in animoto you need to export your video and do it in another program that allows you to work on movies/videos – like imovie – premiere – camtasia – do you have any of those?

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      I’m stuck on day 3!! I spent most of today working on it and mostly learned what I don’t want it to look like from my tries!! I can’t work on it again until Sunday so hopefully I’ll have a post then! I do offer lots of products but only have samples of a few!! So I will also be working on getting more samples!

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      I bought a light box and I shot some of my products. Here’s the video!

      Going up to my website right now!

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       Ana Brandt


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