Hi Ana,

Got it! Now move on to pricing topics. My current pricing strategy is:

A package that would include x amount of digital files with print release printable upto 8×10, and also include a print product worth about 10% of the pacakge price. I don’t charge session fees. Additional digital edits and print products are at a la carte pricing. I have taken some basic pricing class before and I did factor in my goals, fixed costs, variable costs, labor costs, etc.

So basically, I don’t lose money with such model unless I went crazy with props. But since I rarely do in person sales, my earning is very thin. Sometimes I feel the burnout and the urge to quit because it is not rewarding. One thing we have been doing with this private mentor is to re-package myself and transform myself to be perceived as a premium photographer. The other is I don’t know what other pricing models I should consider. I have seen other photographers charge a very low session fee say $95 and give out $250 studio credits to be used. But I don’t have a nice catalog to present.

I have a lot of questions regarding how to price myself right and what else I need to prepare to go hand-in-hand with whatever the model I choose to go with. I don’t know exactly what questions to ask you because I am clueless. What would be some basic rules in pricing 101?




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