Hi Ana,

I will try to do both. I don’t know how long it would take me since I am part time but I have all the patience to transform myself.

Among all the pictures I showed you before, I now created a folder called “close to ideal portfolios” based on that and I narrow down to 10 images that I really like the most for all these time. They are little girls ages between 3 and 9. Mostly outdoors but some are indoors. Looking at them I realize I like dreamy, pastel, and light & airy. I called them close to ideal because not all of them dress up the way I want them to be. The editing still all over the places including watermark design and placements but that is something I am working on right now – that is to settle down with one consistent editing style and also logo and watermark redesign.


Geoff just kicked off the website makeover project with me. Do you think these 10 images can be good ones to present on the landing page? Should I at least include some boys and babies’ images but in similar look?

Also do you think we can talk about pricing and pacakge strategy a little bit?




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