Dear Ana! Happy  holidays! I am grateful for you for  ur communication!

1. My # 1 challenge  –  in July 2017 we – my husband,me and our dog –  moved to US for family reunion with our daughter, her husband and our granddaughter. It is great challenge   to became a member of  US society . I would like  to give up to  US country  and  to make  a contribution    to  it.

2. If I could change   one  thing   it will be to learn    photography    to became PRO (it was  just hobby)

3.   At 2018  I want for me: health, wealth, love in our family and  my business in photography.

4. I am not working.  I am waiting my green card. I received working authorization but   I  will receive social number within 2 weeks.  I  learn english at School and i am busy to care about 2 years old granddaughter. I also learn as much as i can all about photography.

5.  At home. But probably   i will  need a Studio.


Thank you  for you attention!


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