Wow Ana, you never appear to me to be a shy introvert. I found IPS intimidating but some just happened so naturally when I clicked with the client well. I would invited them out to coffee or light lunch/dinner and just talk about options there with them. And before I know my session sales would be in high 3 digit numbers and sometimes hit low 4 digits. And I have had clients tip me as much as the session would cost them (100% tip). Only wish I have this happen all the time. But going forward I will try. So instead of showing an online gallery, I should show them gallery on a Laptop and show them various options of print products I offer right?

Thanks for the encouragement. I was so afraid you would tell me I don’t do good work. To answer your question about the ONE subject. I would say girls between age 4 and 8, dressed up stylishly, at a famous landmark. That would be an ideal session for me. I find girls in that age group so pretty and innocent.

I like to shop dress at this website for my girls. https://trishscully.com/ I think the photographer’s name is April Reese and the girl model is her daughter. I don’t really shoot in her style and my shoots are not for modeling. Personally I feel modeling field is full of gimmicks so I never want to use “taking modeling portfolios” as a marketing tool. I know there are photographers around me do that and a lot of stories I heard went ugly at the end. But I like the idea of it. A perfectly dressed up girl and I like to photograph them at some famous landmarks. For example, the Red Mill, Absecon Light House, Princeton University, Central Park, etc.

In the past I was too focused on making myself look popular and busy and my portfolio is all over the place and I give people the impression I photograph everything so people contact me for everything. That positions me as a generalist photographer and cannot bring my pricing up. Did I understand this pitfall correctly?


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