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Please keep in mind when i started no one knew who I was.It took me years to build my name as there was no social media at all. I had to network with local businesses, go to events, enter my work,etc. Even when FB came on it took me awhile to get on. I felt like I was so behind in social as many other photographers had way more followers than me. I built my name by getting out there and trying to perfect my work.

I am a very shy introvert. I would rather sit home in my pajamas watching oprah – truly.

Thanks for sending your folders. I struggle with how much varied work you have – b/c its good – you havea. lot of good work – but its so much that not one thing stands out. That is the struggle.

For IPS my first frame sale was at my kitchen table – I did not have a studio. So that is not an issue.But mini books, coffee table albums, etc…are great for selling at home.

If you would only photograph ONE subject what would it be (you don’t have to) I am just wondering.


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