Thanks Ana! I type more than I talk. Well, you are Ana! I am very bad at social media. Till now I rarely tag my clients because I am a private person and I force myself to be more open on social media because of business needs.

It took me a long time to have a little over 200 followers so I found someone and for a one time fee he will try to help me to reach several thousand followers. But I also  notice it is hard to maintain genuine followers. Need good content and interaction for that. Once I unfollow them they will unfollow me immediately. We are just using each other for the numbers there are no interaction. Since he didn’t charge me much, it is worthy. I got several good bookings from that effort and the earning covered the fees. I just started Pinterest so not sure if it is worthy. Again the fee is low. Have you heard of Fiverr? Many freelancers there offering good and cheap services. I usually find the one located outside USA but with good English.

How can I do IPS when I don’t own a studio and just part time? This is something I struggle with. Right now I include some print products in my pacakge because I want my clients to see my work printed. And that helps to drive more print product sales. My most popular products are prints 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, metal prints, and print boxes. So many people sell gallery wrap that doesn’t really sell well.

What is your markup on print products? I don’t mark up that much. How to compete with places like Shutterfly, Costco, etc.?

No I am not a member I don’t think I have access to that challenge.


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