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OK a few things – and thanks for typing all that

I texted Geoff to check in with you

On this…
– Since I work full time I outsource my Instagram and Pinterest management to 3rd parties. Their main task is help me to gain exposure. I think of the strategy and provide them with direction, they do the targeting and following/unfollowing. But I still manage the contents.

Is it worth it really? I hate seeing people waste money. I have never paid anyone for social management and I have a wide reach

—IPS – Ok now you are talking my language.

Do you have products to sell? So you only do online? Forgive me if I should know this.

I have never not done IPS but I can tell you that people enjoy when you sit with them and go over options and products. In the Members area I had them do a 7 day sales/service challenge where we talked about all these things – are you a member – its inside here for free for memnbers. Either way I can help you with what products I sell and what works.


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