Hi Ana! One NJ photographer’s website I really like is this one: https://www.idaliaphotography.com/. If I were to look for a wedding photographer I would totally consider it. They also do newborn. I like how bright and airy the website is and how luxury but warm it feels. It is something I like. I also got the impression the service won’t be cheap but it is expected. I had consulted a web designer before asking if I want my website to be like that how much would it cost. He quoted me almost $2000. It is too much for me to absorb at the present moment. So I decide to take baby steps.

I found another web designer here is her portfolio and it is not bad. http://www.tracykuhl.com/She is specialized in WordPress so I am considering hiring her. She quoted me $300 for the whole site re-design. It is a price I could afford right now. Meanwhile I am considering hiring a graphic designer to re-brand my image that would attract premium market.

The entire re-branding budget is $1000. Do you think this make sense? That is how much I could afford right now.

Attached are 10 of my all time favorite images. It also speaks my intended business strategy going forward. For on-location classic studio style package I want to focus more on baby’s first years and family with small children. And for older demographic I like outdoor but unique and famous outdoor places.



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