Morning Ana! Thanks for your input! Long weekend is coming so I will be working on the homework you assigned me.

Yes it is a wordpress site. I need to figure out how it works. Perhaps I need to upgrade to the business plan. Right now I am on premium plan and features are so limited.

Meanwhile I am answering your question on where I wanna be going forward. I have a story to tell and appreciate your patience to read a long message in advance. But I feel that you need to understand where I come from so you can give me better advice.

I originally started wanting to be a newborn and maternity photographer. I fall in love with your work when I first discovered you on YouTube and I have been following you for a good decade but it is not until I decided to form a real business 2 years ago that I signed up for your in person workshop.

However I am very discouraged in this path. I followed other photographer’s advice by offering model calls to begin with but even model calls didn’t work out. My first two were both cancelled due to premature birth. Several others got cancelled last minute too. The most dramatic one is the Dad got into a fatal car accident just a week before the baby’s birth. For the past 2 years I only got two paid newborn sessions. I almost got booked for a maternity + newborn package last year but baby arrived before the scheduled maternity session day with heart problems. So this is my luck! For someone who believes in fate so much, perhaps it is just not meant to be.

At the same time, once people discover I offer photography service, they have been contacting me to take pictures in their houses. Those are mostly Moms with multiple small children at home, like portraits, but find it too overwhelming to take the whole crew to retail or private studios. And they think the kids are too little for outdoors. They didn’t expect too much from me and I was giving them discounted trial prices. But I spent time figuring out what the Moms need so over time with trial-and-errors I figured out a mobile studio system that not only operable for photographers but also appealing to the customers. From equipment, backdrop/props selection, posing, to post editing, I have my own system and produces results just like bring your kids to a retail/private studio. Moms rave about that among themselves and I get more bookings that way. The ones who cannot afford the premium on-location pricing wanting to get family portraits done outdoor. I love outdoor as well. My favorite style is to combine candid portraits with famous landmark (Princeton University, Central Park, etc.) and those are also my most popular post on social media.

My most popular and profitable series is my end of year holiday/winter mini. I would rent a local studio and introduce my mobile studio concept to clients. Everything I set up there is what people would see when I go to their house.

One client introduced me to a local photographer club and they loved my concept so I was invited to give a speech about it and they told me it was one of the best rated speeches at the club. Then sister clubs started to contact me to give speech about my mobile studio system. Now I think maybe there is something in that area I could offer to help other photographers but that is a whole different game.

So having told you all these, going forward I want to position myself as children and family photographer. I want my on-location service to be mainly focusing on small children and baby. And I want my outdoor to be on family with older children, and extended family. I earn a lot on extended family sessions because the print product orders just keep coming from each family.

My most popular package for baby is cake smash. Maybe it is the pricing. It is the cheapest among the whole 1 year plan. Actually client ended up spending just about the same amount as other packages but because for cake smash I don’t offer too much inclusive service it appears to be cheaper for them. And people love how I could set up a beautiful theme at their house. I also want to push for more 100 days sessions in Asian community but for some reasons many Chinese admire my work but don’t want to pay for it.

Thanks and I will provide you the website I like and my top 10 all time favorite work over the weekend. 🙂


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