Ana Brandt

OK a few things…


1 – I am confused as to where I find your photos to use for portfolio galleries

2. – is this website a wordpress site now?

3 – your website gives me a headache to be honest – its information overload. Your PPA image is AWESOME and should be on an about me page and gorgeous full page. There is just way too much informatio on the home page and on ever page. You need to scale it down and make it look more like a website about your work. It should be clean and a bit more minmal and your images need to pop.

When someone is going to your site they need  to see you and your work as WOW. You are doing so many things and are all over the place and it shows a bit crazy.

So first and foremost…

1 – clean up your site – do a google search on other photography sites you like and send me a few you LOVE and tell me why. It will help see what is the difference with yours and theirs.

2 – the marketing to friends and family never works. I can tell you story after story of the exact same thing happening to me. My neighbors – who weren’t “friends” all told me I was too expensive even when I was doing free sessions and selling 5x7s for 7.00! They never really used me or referred me in any real way and I learned very quickly to move on. For friends – real friends – I never charge for sessions – ever.

3 – you need to focus your marketing on NEW clients. New clients that see your work on Instagram and FB and go to your website and book.



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