Hi Ana! Thanks! And Happy New Year!

First of all my website is: https://musenphotos.com/

My pricing is on there. You can click into each of the category under “Shop”.  I am not charging a lot but people still complain that I am too expensive. That is the number 1 reason for not continuing with me after first interaction.

Last year I took 48 sessions including my end of year mini sessions. On average I would say 2 to 3 sessions a month but usually a bit slow Jan and Feb then slowly pick up throughout the year. Fall and Holidays seasons are the busiest.

On average I spend about 2 to 3 hours a day on photography related tasks.

I am mostly obtaining clients through word of mouth. I started by offering close friends and neighbors free or discounted sessions and if they like me they refer their friends to me. I had a referral program but only two of my clients actively referring people to me. One client’s referrals pretty much all told me I am too expensive for them. Only one booked a winter mini session. The rest not only told me I am expensive, some went ugly on me. The other referral is working well so far. I got 2 full session bookings through her and they pay me well with tips and print orders, etc. I have several good clients that keep returning and willing to pay me good price. I also got booking through people finding me online by googling and through Instagram but they don’t come back as returned customers. After one session it is over. Even if I try to reconnect with them, they ignore me.

Look forward to the action items. Thanks, Karen


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