Honestly…. I started using contract and model release forms but due to my fathers health the last few years then his passing I was missing some deadlines so for newborn shoots/ portraits I just used the t’s & c’s On my website….. apparently contracts are not worth the paper they are written on in Scotland/ UK??….

however, in saying that I will be setting everything up differently this year and model release forms are back in! I do referrals after training with you before Ana and initially it worked really well but to be honest my head became so busy with my dad that I started getting complacent with mentioning it and leaflets lying around don’t jump into peoples pockets lol…. so again this is my 2018 plan!

love the call log and I wish the clients would call me….. drives me nuts with FB messages or now Instagram messages on top of emails etc…. I would love to encourage people to pick up the phone again…. any ideas here are very welcome xx


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