Hi! First of all I would like to start the mentoring on 1/8/2018.

Answers to your questions:

1 – Attract the ideal clients who would value my work. I feel that I am being blocked from them. Don’t know where to reach them. People who contacted me like my work but not willing to pay for the price I ask for. I have a high inquiry rate but low booking rate. I want to be able to convert all inquiries into happy bookings.

2 – To establish a stronger brand image and a more defined, distinct and consistent style (when they see my images they know it is me). Right now I feel that it is still all over the places.

3 – Be able to take less sessions yet earning more, able to have breakthrough in my style and techniques and win a few awards and/or have my work featured in a few reputable blog

4 – This is just a part time business. My full time job is an engineering manager which I also love and won’t give up. Although I don’t rely this photography business for a living, my personality just won’t let me treat it as a hobby. It needs to be done right. And b/c it is part time, it needs to be even more efficient.

5 – I run a mobile studio concept. I either set things up at client’s houses or shoot outdoor. It actually is one of my most known niche and I have been invited by local photographer clubs to give out speech on how to run a mobiles studio efficiently.


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