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My Lighting

I switched to Pro Foto lighting this past year and I love it. I love that it is battery powered and so easy to use! My lighting system is below. Here is also a video Chris and I did on their lighting. Lighting is an investment, but it is our greatest tool next to our cameras.

Your Personal Marketing

Are you Marketing? People ask me over and over – how can I market? When I ask if they are Marketing, they say yes, a little, hardly and sometimes. But Marketing has to be all the time. It’s celebrating all of your successes, big and small. Do you enter contests? Submit to Publications? When you are chosen do you celebrate? […]

Work + Life + Balance

Work + Life +Balance – ask anyone what they struggle with and many people will say these three things. I quite often think –  is it possible to even achieve these three things in perfect harmony? I think not. People often look at my life now and ask how I do it all. How do I travel and run a […]

Love + Light

I quite often use the caption ” Love + Light” because I truly feel that you really need to have love. Love for your craft. Love for your camera. Love for your client. If you aren’t loving something….the craft, camera or the client…it is hard to be passionate and be amazing. We all have challenges on so many levels in […]


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