The Business of Photography

If you are a good photographer but don’t market well, no one will see your work (or be able to pay you!). 

If you market well, but your photography skills suffer, you’ll have a hard time getting clients to come back a second time (first impressions are tough to shake).

The point is, you need both to run a business. The rest of this site teaches you how to shoot great images. This page teaches you how to start, maintain and grow a successful photography business.

Business Mentoring

Whether you are just starting out. Or you’re a veteran stuck in a lane. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know and need some guidance.

Marketing Services

You either “get” marketing or you don’t. We teach you the basics while we create a marketing strategy for you. Then when it’s all good, we turn it over to you.

Business Jumpstart

Go from zero to 60 in no time! We set it all up – domain, incorporation, web site, email, social media etc. Then you just move in with your tooth brush!

SEO Jumpstart

SEO is hard. But you need to get it done before you do any paid ads, or it’s money down the drain. We update your web site and you’ll be off and running.

Email Mktg Jumpstart

Email is still the best (and cheapest) type of marketing. But you need landing pages and an app to capture visitors on your site. This does both for you.

Online Courses

Pricing, marketing, web sites, SEO, Social Media – we have all the courses and you can learn at your own pace or with group support. Ready in June.


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