I teach all over the world and in my Baby Clinics we really focus on angles. I find that many photographers struggle with angles and I get it – I once did to. The best way I can explain angles is to say this, “Photograph a baby like you are looking at them” If you do this you should not have a bad angle. The point is that if you do that you will be looking right into their eyes. Whether from in front or the side. Then, when you hang the photo on the wall they should be looking (or sleeping) back at you.

In the examples below I should the “bad” angles. Keep in mind “bad” is in the eye of the beholder. Some may not think its bad and if its not – well its not. You can choose to photograph any angle you please – as a photographer you have creative control. So rather than say bad, lets focus on better. Not that the angle is so bad, but how can we make it better!

Below the top image is “better” and I write why the other ones may not be as much.

When we “look” at a baby, we don’t look up their nose or at the top of their head – we look right into their super cute baby face.

The top is my favorite because I love side angles. The bottom two on the left are not greta because it doesn’t show how amazingly beautiful this baby is. The bottom right is a nice average shot.

At the end of the day, you want to photograph newborns in their best light and best side – just like adults. Next time you are shooting, try some different angles. And when you are looking at them angle your camera to where their head is.

All my favorite angles and poses.

Thanks to THREE day baby Noah for being live with me for two hours and being amazing., You can watch his entire live video in the Members site under Live workshops – or at our Learning Center.

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